All you need to know if you are travelling to or from UAE

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As the world begins to open its borders, the UAE has issued special travel guidelines for its citizens and residents.

If you are travelling from or to Dubai

  • Citizens and residents have the freedom to travel to several countries on any of the airlines that have approved flights to and from Dubai Airports
  • Passengers must adhere to the safety measures specified by the destination country upon arrival
  • All travellers must complete a Health Declaration Form before departing to ensure travellers are clear of any symptoms
  • Upon arriving back in Dubai, a PCR test must be taken at Dubai airports
  • Residents must stay home until their PCR test results come out
  • All those arriving from abroad after their trip will be required to download COVID-19 DXB mobile app
  • Positive COVID-19 cases will be obliged to a 14-day quarantine period
  • Home quarantine is permitted if the conditions of quarantine are met, according to the official guidelines set by the COVID-19 Command and Control Centre
  • Residents who test positive for COVID-19 and are home-sharing or live in high-density housing, will be required to be isolated at a facility. Their employer should provide the quarantine facility in accordance with COVID-19 Command and Control Centre guidelines or choose a quarantine facility provided by the government in return for bearing the costs involved
  • People must comply with all precautionary measures applied in Dubai (which include wearing masks, maintaining 2 metre social distance and washing hands regularly)

If you are travelling from or to other emirates

  • UAE citizens and residents can travel to any destination under the 'Low-Risk' category
  • Those planning urgent medical treatment or visiting first-degree relatives can travel to 'Medium-Risk' countries
  • Travel to high-risk countries are not allowed
  • Websites of all UAE carriers will regularly update and publish list of countries and their categories based on their COVID-19 numbers
  • Travellers must register and apply for approval via the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) 
  • They should not travel to destinations other than those approved
  • Travellers will need to fill in health responsibility forms before departure and pledge to undergo a PCR test upon arrival, download Al Hosn app and undergo mandatory quarantine. Fourteen days for all travellers, with the number reduced to seven for those returning from low-risk countries and vital sector workers
  • Travellers must follow protocols and abide by precautionary measures issued by the country they are visiting
  • Must get COVID-19 screening in the visiting country, if they experience any symptoms
  • If citizens test positive for COVID-19 in a visiting country, they must inform the UAE embassy
  • People above the age of 70 cannot travel, and even those with preexisting health conditions are advised against it


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