Al Zeyoudi: The world must aspire for a 'green recovery'

The world must aspire from a green recovery form COVID-19, resuming climate change negotiations and furthering ambitions.

That’s according to the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi.  He was speaking at the 11th Petersburg Climate Dialogue, which took place via video conferencing. 

Dr. Al Zeyoudi joined 30 environment ministers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to discuss how the world can be more climate-friendly post-pandemic. 


He said: "The only way to come out of this pandemic while giving our future generations the climate-safe world they demand and deserve is by factoring in climate change mitigation and adaptation in the recovery plans. Accelerating the deployment of renewables and pursuing a green economy should be a top priority at this stage. Here is where offering economic incentives in line with our climate goals will enable companies to reach their green potential, and help implement long-term climate strategies."
He added:We must also add momentum to the global climate adaptation movement to make the world more resilient to climate change. We fully realise that the cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of action. What we really need is a strong will and determination to implement rapid, far-reaching climate action on the ground."

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