3 Emiratis celebrate breaking Guinness World Records


It's Guinness World Records Day and three Emiratis from Abu Dhabi have scooped more titles for the annual tally.

Omeir Saeed Omeir Yousef Almheiri broke two for the longest ramp jump on a wakeboard by a male, 21 metres, and the most wakeboard rail airs in 30 seconds.

The twenty-three-year-old achieved 10 rail airs in total, doubling the previous record set by France's Jerome MacQuart in 2005.

Almheiri said, “If there is one thing that I learned from this experience, it is that we hold a big responsibility to inspire the younger generation, to transfer the message and share the passion. Having this global recognition in hand makes me proud as an Emirati, as this is certainly the jewel in the crown of so many years of achievement and success.”

While Dr Khawla Al Romaithi secured the world record for travelling to seven continents in the fastest time - just three days, 14 hours, 46 minutes and 48 seconds.

The previous record, held by two US citizens, stood at three days 20 hours 4 minutes 19 seconds.

“To travel the world at a time when almost the whole global is in lockdown is challenging, but to be the fastest to do it is even more challenging,” said Dr Al Romaithi. “I think it is destined to be like that, as since I started my trip in February 2020, the whole world changed all of a sudden, and I think it makes this achievement even more challenging and worthy. Being an Emirati mom with all this will makes me the proudest ever.”

Another record-breaker is Meera Al Hosani, who created the world's longest word out of socks.

Al Hosani used 1,447 of the foot garments to write the word ‘Happiness’ in Arabic in honour of her daughter Latifa.

Socks are often used to illustrate people with Down Syndrome's extra chromosome.

“This was a great way to help raise awareness about these amazing cheerful individuals,” Al Hosani said.

She added, “I have been blessed with Latifa who spreads joy everywhere she goes. I cannot be more thankful to be recognised as a Guinness World Records title holder, and contribute to sending this message of hope from the UAE.”

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