Arabian Ocean Rowing Team pass final check point


The Arabian Ocean Rowing Team has passed the final checkpoint in their ambitious attempt to become the first UAE flagged rowing boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean unsupported and unassisted.

As of last night the 3 person team had rowed over 3,463km in 29 days at sea - after battling storms, 15 meter waves, extreme heat and close calls with cargo ships. 

The team of 3 row all day and all night on a rota of two hours rowing, one hour rest in a rowing boat a little bigger than the average family car. They are completely self reliant for their entire crossing carrying all the food, medical supplies and equipment they need to complete the 50 to 60 day crossing. 

Speaking from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Toby Gregory, Team Founder and captain for the crossing said: “Given the extreme weather conditions we have faced I couldn’t be more proud of our team. No matter what has come our way we have never given up, it’s been the ultimate team effort”.

The United Nations Environment Programmes “Clean Seas” initiative has partnered Toby and his team on their row. Part of which see’s the team take samples from the ocean as they go. 

“There is an abundance of life in our ocean - it’s a magical place and one which must be protected. I have seen first hand plastics and pollution in the middle of our oceans. It’s heartbreaking to see. We all have a collective responsibility to stop this and by working together I’m sure we can.”

The Arabian Ocean Rowing team are currently 4 days ahead of schedule and providing there are no major technical issues, they should arrive in Antigua between the 24th and 29th January.

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