Teen fined $580 for using McDonalds app at drive thru

File photo [For illustration]

A man received a fine when using the McDonalds points app to claim a free lunch in Saskatoon, Canada. Mason Prima opened his app to redeem his reward before a cop slapped him with a fine for using his phone while at the wheel.

Prima, who said his foot was not on the gas and his vehicle was “barely moving”, explained to the officer that he was using his phone to complete his order, but the uninterested cop issued a traffic violation sighting the teen was using a cellphone while driving a vehicle on a public roadway.   

Local criminal defense lawyer Brian Pfefferle said there was a lot of grey area in the law when it comes to technology, and added that a drive thru is not a public roadway.

Prima will dispute the ticket in court on July 31.

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