One-year-old crowned world's youngest artist

@ace_liam_paints / Instagram

A toddler from Ghana has been officially crowned the world's youngest male artist aged just one year and 52 days.

Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah set the Guinness World Record after his mum found he had a passion for painting when he was just six months old. 

Chantelle Kuukua Eghan, who is also an artist, said she used to watch her child crawl over unstretched canvas on the floor to keep him occuped. "While learning to crawl, I spread out a piece of unstretched canvas on the floor and dropped some paint on it as a way to keep him busy while I worked on a commission painting," she said.

Since then the child has created 20 paintings and even participated in a group exhibition where 10 of his works of art were displayed, nine of which sold. 

The young artist has since racked up over 5,000 followers on Instagram.

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