25-foot bicycle sets new world record

GWR / YouTube

Two friends have built the world's tallest ridable bicycle, which reaches a height of over 25 feet, breaking the previous record by 36cm.

The pair made a deal with each other five years ago that they would build the world's highest bike and have now officially entered the Guinness World Records for their unique creation. 

Nicolas Barrioz and David Peyrou made the bicycle, named "Starbike" by modifying a regular bike, using two standard size wheels, a handlebar and saddle, and adding a huge frame which connects the pedals and wheels.

The bike was ridden, unaided, by Peyrou over 100 metres to officially set the new world record.

The bicycle, made from a mixture of alloy, steel and recycled wood cost the pair around AED 4,000 to create and took close to two years to build. 

The pair are now considering attempting to set a new record for the world's smallest rideable bicycle, which currently stands at just 8.4cm. 

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