Netanyahu awake and recovering after hernia surgery


Doctors treating Israel's Prime Minister have confirmed that his hernia operation has been successful, and that he has been 'awake, recovering, and talking to his family.'

Benjamin Netanyahu’s office had announced on Sunday that he would be having the surgery for a hernia, at a time when he was waging a war against Hamas in Gaza, and less than a year after he had been fitted with a pacemaker.

"On Saturday night, during a routine checkup for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a hernia was found," his office had said in a statement, adding that the 74-year-old leader would be under general anaesthetic during his surgery later on Sunday.

Signalling his condition was not serious, Netanyahu's office had announced he would hold a news conference at 1630 GMT, before the procedure.

"I assure you that I will get through this treatment successfully and return to action very quickly," Netanyahu had told reporters at the conference.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin had been standing in for Netanyahu during the operation on Sunday, his office had said.

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