Missing man found alive in cellar 26 years later

@M0ATH / X

A man missing for more than 26 years has been found alive in his neighbour's cellar, just a few hundred metres from his family home. Omar bin Omran was reportedly kidnapped as a teenager and was discovered on Sunday.

Omran, now 45, from Algeria, was unable to speak when found by authorities in a hay-covered basement. 

In a video posted on X, Omran can be seen sitting silently surrounded by hay in a make-shift pen. 

The accused captor, a 61-year-old man, has been taken into custody according to the Djelfa Attorney General's Office.

Investigators had received a tip-off from the suspect's brother who suggested his sibling was involved in the kidnapping, in a social media post. The investigation was re-opened by the National Gendarmerie who discovered a trapdoor hidden underneath hay on the floor.

Omran has been taken for physical and psychological medical treatment. 

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