Haley raises $1 million since Trump donor warning


Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley's campaign said it had raised $1 million since Donald Trump issued a warning to her donors, even as at least one prominent benefactor of hers turned off the taps, saying Trump was now the de facto party nominee.

Trump issued a threat to donors on Wednesday night to stop funding Haley as he seeks to knock her out of the race before the next major primary race, in South Carolina on February 24.

Metals magnate and Haley donor Andy Sabin said in an interview the Republican race was now essentially over, given Haley had not been able to pull off an upset in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

"Haley needs to drop out," Sabin said late on Wednesday. "Regardless of what anyone tells you, her money is going to dry up. Why would you fund someone who you know has no chance?"

Trump's back-to-back wins in the Iowa and New Hampshire contests have made his march to the Republican nomination almost certain as he looks ahead to a likely general election rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden in November despite facing four criminal prosecutions.

Another major Haley donor, Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of online business and employment platform LinkedIn, also does not plan to keep funding her campaign, CNBC first reported.

But Dmitri Mehlhorn, a Hoffman adviser, told Reuters on Thursday evening that they were "reconsidering" that decision given Haley's increased criticism of Trump. Haley has especially been questioning the cognitive abilities of Trump, 77.

"If she makes traction prior to South Carolina with that electorate there is a case for money for Super Tuesday," Mehlhorn said.

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