COVID-related emergency hospitalisations decline in China

AFP / Noel Celis

COVID fever and emergency hospitalisations have peaked in China, and the number of hospitalised COVID patients is continuing to decline, a Chinese health official said on Saturday.

Nationwide, "the number of fever clinic visitors is generally in a declining trend after peaking, both in cities and rural areas," Jiao Yahui, an official from the National Health Commission, told a news conference.

Jiao said the number of emergency treatment patients was also declining, and the ratio of patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 was steadily falling as well.

She added that the number of severe cases has also peaked, though it remained at a high level, and patients were mostly elderly.

Wen Daxiang, a Shanghai Health Commission official, said China would strengthen health monitoring and management of the high-risk population.

He added that China would bolster the supply of drugs and medical equipment and beef up the training of grassroots medical workers to combat COVID in rural regions.

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