Fiona Harvey threatens to sue Netflix over Baby Reindeer claims

@PiersUncensored / X

The 'real-life Martha' from hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer has threatened to sue the streaming service and denied sending 41,000 emails during a sit-down interview with Piers Morgan.

Fiona Harvey, 58, the women who allegedly inspired the character Martha, in Netflix's latest blockbuster series about a troubled stalker, has denied claims made by comedian Richard Gadd, who wrote and starred in the series.

In an uncomfortable interview with Piers Morgan, Harvey said she only sent "a handful" of emails, some tweets and one letter and also asked Gadd to be "left alone".

Harvey also said there are multiple people facing lawsuits from her. 

The Scot also denied she had ever been convicted of stalking Gadd, unlike Martha in the series, or that she had ever been sent to prison.

“It is completely untrue and very career damaging. I want to rebutt that. I’m not a stalker. It’s just complete nonsense.” She said.

Piers Morgan has faced critisism for the interview with fans suggesting it was irresponsible to be interviewing Harvey on mental health grounds.

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