Lizzo says she's quitting negative energy attention, not music industry


Lizzo has addressed concerns about her career after posting a cryptic message saying "I quit" on social media, leaving fans worried she might be stepping away from music.

Clarifying her statement, Lizzo explained in an Instagram video that her "I quit" remark was targeted at no longer giving negative energy any attention, not quitting music or social media.

She expressed her frustration with constant criticism but reaffirmed her commitment to her passion for making music and connecting with people, emphasizing the importance of focusing on positivity over negativity.

Lizzo's clarification comes amidst backlash following allegations of misconduct by her former dancers, who have accused her of sexual harassment and other grievances.

These accusations have sparked debate, especially after attorneys criticised her performance at a fundraiser for President Joe Biden, questioning her suitability as a representative in light of the allegations.

A group of dancers first filed a lawsuit against the singer for harassment and other workplace grievances last August. Lizzo has denied all allegations of wrongdoing; Billboard reported in March that the suit is now on hold while she appeals a ruling that allowed the case to move forward.

Lizzo has denied all claims of wrongdoing, and the lawsuit against her is currently on pause as she appeals a preliminary ruling.

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