Ras Al Khaimah signals official launch of Hala taxis


Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) has signalled the official launch of Hala in the emirate, with 500 taxis now available for booking on the Careem app.

It follows a successful pilot phase of 50 taxis.

Authorities are confident that booking a cab will become faster due to the expanded taxi fleet and the use of Careem's technology.

The service will provide customers with a smarter way to travel, giving them access to several benefits, including knowing their rides ETA, fare estimate and route upfront, along with their driver’s details.

That's not all. It's affordable and follows the same pricing model as regular taxis, with no surge in rates during peak hours.

A host of payment options will also be made available with riders automatically collecting reward points for each trip.

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