Global Village opens partner registration for Season 27


Registrations are now open for investment and business opportunities at the region’s leading multicultural family destination.

Global Village is inviting investors and the wider business community to register on its online business portal ahead of Season 27.

With its distinctive offering and strong track record, the park enables partners to grow their businesses and bring innovative concepts to life.

Entrepreneurs set to join the brand new season in October 2022 are well placed to benefit from the many opportunities the leading entertainment destination offers.

In Season 26, a record-breaking 7.8 million guests visited the unique retail establishments, food outlets, attractions and immersive experiences.

Over 60 per cent of Season 26 partners were new to Global Village which keeps the experience exciting every season.

This is one of the reasons why the destination enjoys a rating of more than 90 per cent “intent to revisit”.

"Leveraging the park as an economic catalyst for the region, we serve as a launch pad for international businesses to pilot their concepts and nurture new businesses on their entrepreneurial journeys," said Bader Anwahi, Chief Executive Officer of Global Village.

"Whether it be for an attraction, a street food kiosk or an exciting guest experience - bringing new ideas and innovative concepts to Dubai is part of the Global Village DNA, which is why our guests keep coming back for more," he added.

The Global Village partnership ecosystem offers a range of advantages to businesses – from visa services to insurance, storage facilities and support at customs for imported products.

The specialised team at the Partner Happiness Centre works to simplify processes such as Federal Tax Authority (FTA) registration and acquiring electronic payment terminals.

Aligning with its commitment to innovation and digital transformation, the new “GV Partners App” further simplifies the business process for Global Village partners.

The recently launched GV Pay wallet allows all partners to offer contactless payments at highly competitive rates for their outlets, ensuring smooth and seamless business operations.

With over 300% increase in cashless transactions during Season 26, the park is aiming to offer cashless payments for all outlets in Season 27.

In support of the UAE’s commitment to SDG 5 ‘Gender Equality’, Global Village has also committed to increasing the opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Season 27.

The range of business options is substantial from Country Pavilions to boutiques and from restaurants to street food kiosks.

Creative entrepreneurs can pitch innovative guest experiences, immersive attractions or rides.

There are also many opportunities for businesses outside Global Village to benefit from the footfall with sponsorships, activations or advertising platforms.

Global Village’s marketing machine includes a strong social media fanbase of over 1.2 million followers, extensive campaigns and strong relations with regional media.

In addition, the award-winning digital platforms help guests find information on businesses and locate outlets through the GPS-powered venue navigation system.

Season 26 saw a 237 per cent increase in App downloads and 150 per cent increase in active users.

All these platforms help drive footfall and ensure new businesses get the attention they deserve.

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