China at the forefront after launching world's first 6G test satellite


China Mobile, the world's largest telecom carrier by mobile subscribers, launched the world's first satellite to test 6G architecture, marking a milestone in its efforts to explore integrated space and ground communication technology.

According to China Daily's report, last week's launch involved a significant milestone in satellite technology. The test satellite deployed in the low-earth orbit marked a groundbreaking achievement as it incorporated the innovative 6G design architecture. Another satellite accompanying it also showcased China Mobile's advanced 5G technology.

The 6G test satellite hosts a distributed autonomous architecture for 6G, jointly developed by China Mobile and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation Academy for Microsatellites. The system, utilising domestic software and hardware, supports in-orbit software reconstruction, flexible deployment of core network functions and automated management, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the in-orbit operation of the satellite core network, China Mobile said.

Set at an orbit height of approximately 500 kilometres, these experimental satellites offer advantages such as low latency and high data transfer rates compared with high-orbit satellites, which travel at 36,000 kilometres.

Positioned as a crucial platform for future integrated space and ground networks, low-earth orbit satellites can address telecom signal coverage gaps in terrestrial mobile networks, providing higher bandwidth satellite internet services globally, according to China Mobile.

China Mobile said it plans to conduct in-orbit experiments based on these test satellites, accelerating the integration and development of space-to-ground technology industries.

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