Unusual ‘foam’ on Jumeirah Islands lake confuses residents

Unusual 'foam' on Jumeirah Islands lake confuses residents

An unusual foam has appeared around a lake in Dubai's Jumeirah Islands residential community.

The foam, which has been upsetting its residents, appears like bubbles on the surface of the lake.

It was found between Clusters 6 and 8 in the Islands.

Developer Nakheel has issued the following statement to ARN: “Surface froth is a naturally-recurring process that can occur in water bodies around the world, including Jumeirah Islands Lakes.

It is commonly caused by the breakdown of organic matter in the water, such as leaves, vegetation and algae. Unlike the closed lakes found in other Dubai communities, Jumeirah Islands Lakes is connected to the Arabian Gulf, so conventional chemical treatments used in those other lakes to control algae and prevent foaming cannot be used at Jumeirah Islands.

We continue to address the issue by regularly cleaning the surfaces of the affected lakes. We are also exploring other solutions”.

Last month, many dead fish were found washed up in a lake but the developer has confirmed that this is totally unrelated.