Jameel Arts Centre Dubai to open in 2018

Art Jameel, a non-profit organisation that supports arts, education and heritage in the Middle East, will unveil its new Arts Centre in Dubai in 2018.

Located at the tip of Dubai’s Culture Village, the Jameel Arts Centre will include 1,000 square metres of dedicated gallery space, a 300 square metre open access research centre, additional flexible events spaces, a roof terrace, an outdoor sculpture area and a café. It will be designed by UK-based firm Serie Architects.

Renowned landscape architect Anouk Vogel has drawn inspiration from the desert biome for the concept for the courtyards that punctuate the building.

“We are delighted to be embarking on a new phase of development for Art Jameel – strengthening our programmes in Saudi Arabia, across the Arab World and internationally, as well as founding our first permanent space, the Jameel Arts Centre Dubai,” said Fady Mohammed Jameel, President of Art Jameel.

The organisation has also signed a long-term partnership with New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which would enable it to source works by modern and contemporary artists from the Middle East.

“(This will) allows us to further support contemporary artists from the region and share their work with a broad international public. We are proud to work closely with a number of partners to fulfil this important vision,” Mohammed added.